I love this question and the list is quite long. I will highlight just a few things we have added to our office:

Scleral Lenses: These are absolutely amazing custom contact lenses. They work for corneal disease, chronic dry eye, and high prescriptions (these lenses work with astigmatism). This option even works for patients that cannot wear traditional contacts or struggle with glasses.

Myopia Management: Myopia or nearsightedness is where things are blurry at a distance. With more and more time being spent on screens, the problem is only getting worse. We can now proactively intervene and slow the progression to keep kids from having high prescriptions as adults.

Multifocal Contacts for Astigmatism: Multifocal contacts have been around for a while but we now have options for patients with astigmatism. There is really no reason to not try contacts at this point!

Blue Light Filters with Anti-Fatigue Lenses: Again, we are spending more time than ever on screens. Thankfully we have developed lenses that are designed to make seeing up close easier (less eye fatigue) and block harmful blue light that can disrupt sleep.

Corneal Topography: This is a specialized piece of equipment that allows us to map the shape and micro-elevations/depressions of the front of the eye to customize contacts for individual patients.

Anterior Segment OCT: This is a specialized ultrasound scan we can do to image a contact lens on the front of the eye to maximize comfort and optimize fit.

These are just a few of the latest technologies and equipment that are changing eye care as we know it.