No. Screenings and exams are very different.

is school vision screening the same as an eye exam
Most children have no idea how they are supposed to see so, when they see words like this, they think everyone sees them this way: Blurry.

Screenings are a great way to catch “big problems” but they are just a screening and certain vision issues will fail to be detected. The picture above is a perfect example of what will pass a screening but can present problems for a child as they have no idea what they should be seeing. That’s why a comprehensive eye exam is so important for a child to get when they start school and then once a year afterward

If vision problems are caught early on, there is a much better chance of limiting it’s effects on learning and helping the child reach their full potential. Much of eye development happens before the age of 7 so the sooner you can get them checked out, the better. 

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