Screen time in the form of TV, video games, computers, phones/tablets are a normal part of day-to-day life, so this is a very common question I get from parents. The World Health Organization recently released recommendations for children: for 1 year old and younger, screen time is not recommended and 2-4-year-olds should have no more than 1 hour (less is better).

Screen time for children

For children 5 and up, we want to limit near work (reading, screen time, homework) to 3 hours per day. Studies have shown that increased exposure to sunlight, ball sports, and outdoor activity can reduce the risk of a child becoming nearsighted and improve cognitive and motor development.

Recommendations for adults

Lastly, during near work/screen time everyone benefits from the 20-20-20 rule: for every 20 minutes of near work, we should take 20 seconds and look 20 feet away. The more active our children are now, the healthier life they are bound to lead in the future.

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