As the school year comes to a close and we get into our summer parenting mode, scheduling eye exams and doctors appointments becomes a high priority!

My general advice for parents is to get their kids an eye exam at 5 years old or kindergarten. At this point, the child has been to doctors appointments, is able to cooperate, and knows some of their letters. An exam at this time also provides a great baseline for their future eye care needs.

Now, if the child has failed a screening, is struggling in any way, or you as a parent notice an eye turn or something else that concerns you (I always trust a parent’s intuition), I can see a child as early as 6 months to 1 year old. My ultimate goal is optimizing your child’s vision for years to come.

In regards to well-child visits and school screenings, these are invaluable resources that can spot “big” issues or raise concerns. However, they are not comprehensive examinations and can miss more subtle vision changes that occur as a child grows and develops.

At the end of the day, when in doubt, make an appointment and I will check it out!