I’m just going to say it: Contact lenses are absolutely amazing and probably one of the most impactful inventions of the 20th century! In general, contact lenses provide better vision than glasses and in the age of masks, this is only heightened.

Think about the available options: overnight wear, daily disposable, astigmatism correction, multi-focal & multi-focal astigmatism options, not to mention the custom options available. I honestly think there is a lens option for every single person!

That being said, the 3 biggest barriers to becoming a contact lens wearer are:

  1. Contact Lens Intolerance/Dryness: With the advancement of new contact lens materials and daily disposable contacts, this has become much less of an issue. There are also new and improved therapies for lid treatments and dry eyes that make contact lens wear possible.
  2. Told Not a Good Candidate in the Past: There are new lenses coming to market everyday. It may not have been true in the past, but I firmly believe with today’s technologies, there is a lens for everyone. It is important to note that it also takes effort, from the patient and the doctor. I cannot control your desire to wear contact lenses. I do know that I will be honest and transparent, but will not quit on you.
  3. Fear/Inability to Put Them On: This point comes down to you. Old or young, touching your eyes and handling lenses is new and there is a learning curve. Being honest about how bad you want to wear the lenses is key to success.

I can open the door my friends, you however, must walk through it.