This is a great question and actually one I am getting more and more often. In the simplest terms, myopia is nearsightedness (you can see up close, but not far away).

Now, “myopia” is becoming a popular term and hot topic with parents. This is because we are seeing the amount of nearsightedness increase in our worldwide population at epic proportions! It is believed that half of the WORLD’S population will be myopic by 2050. The reason for this drastic increase is thought to be two-fold: environmental factors and genetics.

The increase in screen time and near work (phones, school work, zoom calls, video games, etc.) and less time spent outside is causing a rapid rise in prescriptions. In addition, if a child has one parent that is myopic, the child is 25% more likely to be myopic and if both parents are myopic, the likelihood is 50%.

Unfortunately, this is not a problem that is going to go away and myopia is not without risk. If you have questions, make sure to call your eye care provider and get information on the risks, prevention, and treatment options (other than glasses).