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Scleral Specialty Lenses

Are you a candidate for Scleral Specialty Lenses?  Can you try them first? How about insurance coverage? Read our FAQ about Scleral Lenses below to learn the answers to these questions and more.

What are they and how do they help you?
  • Scleral lenses are contact lenses that are highly customizable and allow for the best possible vision in the most difficult circumstances. This vision is often better and more comfortable than traditional glasses and contact lenses. The lenses also offer the best possible hydration for your eyes.
  • The goals are 3 fold:
    • Better Vision
    • Better Comfort
    • Better Hydration
Who is a candidate for scleral lenses?
  • Keratoconus and Corneal Irregularities
    • If you have keratoconus or another corneal irregularity, day to day activities, such as driving, reading, or even watching tv may be difficult or impossible with traditional means of correction. Scleral lenses work to reduce this irregularity and restore the vision (and life) you once had.
  • Dry Eye and Contact Lens Discomfort
    • If you suffer from dry eyes or are struggling with the comfort of traditional contact lenses, scleral lenses may be able to help you. By creating a natural chamber of tears that will hydrate your eyes throughout the day, you will not only have superior vision with less fluctuation, but your eyes will be protected from the dust, debris, and allergens from the outside world.
  • Other Conditions
    • Post surgical patients
      • Radial Keratoplasty (RK) and Post LASIK Patients
    • Corneal scarring or Dry Eye secondary to:
      • Graft vs Host Disease
      • Sjogren’s Syndrome
      • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
      • Chemical or thermal burns
      • Radiation Therapy
      • Skin conditions like Atopy or Ectodermal dysplasia
      • Herpes simplex or zoster
      • Corneal exposure
        • Secondary to stroke bells palsy
      • Ptosis
How do I try scleral lenses?
  • The process is simple and straightforward.
    • First schedule a consultation with our cornea and specialty lens clinic
      • During this visit we will evaluate your eyes, run a series of scans of your corneas, and answer any questions you have. We also outline the best possible plan for your eyes.
    • If you are found to be a candidate for scleral lenses, we will coordinate with your medical or vision insurance to determine what they will cover
    • Then we set up a fitting appointment
      • At this visit we fit your eyes with a trial pair of scleral lenses
      • After the fitting appointment, we order you a customized set of scleral lenses
    • We then schedule a dispensing appointment
      • At this visit we will train you on all the nuances of scleral lenses (how to put them on and take them off as well as care and handling of the lenses)
    • Two week Follow-up
      • We will see you back in 2 weeks to see how your are adapting to your new lenses
      • We can make and fine tune adjustments necessary and will follow up as necessary

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Does insurance cover the cost?

Medical and/or vision insurance will cover some or all of the cost of the visits and/or lenses. It depends on your condition, insurance, and other factors. We will take the time to figure this all out after your initial consultation and before actually fitting or ordering your customized lenses

How much better will I see?

Results vary based on your eyes and condition and every case is unique, however; the results can be rather significant and life changing. Keratoconus patients often experience a significant improvement. Some patients may regain 20/20 vision. Although nothing is guaranteed, you owe yourself the opportunity for better vision.

How long do the lenses last?

With proper care and handling, the lenses can last anywhere from 12-24 months. This will vary with the nature of your condition and if it progresses or remains stable.

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