Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT)

How it Works

In Corneal Reshaping Therapy, the patient is fit with retainers that will only be worn during sleep (7-8 hours) and then removed in the hours in which you are awake. Each retainer is custom-made using topographical scans of your cornea and your prescription. These retainers will reshape the surface of the cornea (the front of your eye) and make your distance vision clear.


The CRT retainers and the technique in which they are created have been approved and marketed by the FDA. Certain prescriptions are outside of the tested parameters and therapy is considered “off label”. CRT retainers were developed before myopia control, so even though studies have shown them to be an effective way of slowing the progression of myopia, it is still considered by the FDA to be an “off-label” therapy.

Corneal Reshaping Benefits

  • No glasses or contacts needed during the day.
  • Safe, healthy vision correction option without the use of glasses, daytime contacts, or surgery.
  • Completely reversible.
  • No age restrictions.
  • Has been shown to reduce progression of Myopia (when the eye is longer than normal and continues to grow).

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