Myopia Treatment

Effective means of Myopia treatment means there is hope for those suffering from the disease.

  • Every treatment should be measuring and monitoring the length of the eye. If this is not happening, the symptoms are being taken care of but the disease is getting ignored.
  • Treatment options include eye drops, soft contact lenses, and corneal retainers, or a combination of the three.

If your child has already developed myopia, they are living in a time where we actually have treatments and therapies that slow the progression of the disease! Aside from traditional glasses, there are 3 treatments that do more than merely correct blurry vision.

  1. Eye drops. Eye doctors now have the ability to specially formulate eye drops that slow myopic progression. These drops are generally taken once a day, right before bedtime.
  2. Specialized soft contact lenses. These lenses are not the garden variety contact that has been around for years. These specially designed lenses allow for distance vision and reduce eye strain at near. They too slow the progression of myopia.
  3. Eye retainers. Yes, you read that right! Retainers specifically made for your child that reshape the cornea and slow myopic progression. The coolest aspect of these retainers is you sleep in them at night and during the day you do not need glasses or contacts to see!

As you can see we are way beyond just getting stronger glasses or contacts, you as a parent should demand the new standard of care and your children deserve the absolute best possible vision for their lifetimes.

To see if you would be a good candidate for myopia management, call or contact us to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.


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