Myopia Management

Learn more about Myopia and Myopia Management below. Understand what Myopia is and why more and more people are receiving positive diagnoses. Learn the risks of Myopia and see treatment and therapy options.

What is myopia
Risks of Myopia
Treatment and Therapy for Myopia


Myopia (Near-sighted)

  • What is Myopia?
    • This means your eyes are too big, and things are blurry far away
    • We are seeing a massive increase in Myopia due to our ever changing work and school environments
    • We expect 50% of the population to myopic by 2050
  • Risks of Myopia:
    • The inability to see correlates with the inability to learn/focus in class
    • Uncorrected Myopia can affect life outside of learning (sports, music, self confidence)
    • The higher the prescription, the more likely to develop eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal detachment
  • Treatment and Therapy Options
    • Blurry Vision
      • The standard way to treat the vision aspect of Myopia is with glasses or contacts.
    • The disease of Myopia and slowing the growth of the eye (which increases the prescription)
      • We have therapies and treatment to slow the growth of the eye and slow the progression of a child’s prescription
        • Our Therapy program is comprehensive and all encompassing
        • We see the patient multiple times a year to check the growth of the eye and make sure they are seeing 20/20 year round.
        • This allows for maximum visual performance year round and lowers the risk of eye disease later in life
          • Orthokeratology
            • This is where a therapeutic contact lens is worn while sleeping and allows for 20/20 vision during the day without glasses or contacts
            • It is like retainers for your eyes
          • Eye Drops
            • We can use prescription eye drops to slow the growth of the eye
          • Therapeutic Soft Contact lenses
            • These are similar to traditional soft contact lenses, but specially designed to slow the progression of myopia.

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