Can I Wear Contacts?

One of the most common questions we get from patients of all ages is, “can I wear contacts?”. The answer is Yes…..maybe? Let’s take a look. When assessing whether or not you are a candidate for contacts, always consider 4 things: The touch factor, overall eye health, environment, and motivation/goals.

  • Touch Factor: this may sound silly, but if you are not comfortable touching your eyes, contact lenses are not for you.
  • Eye Health: An exam to determine the health of your lids/lashes and cornea is necessary. If you have dry eyes without contacts, putting a lens on the eye may make it worse.
  • Environment: Exposure to chemicals or Dry, dusty environments can pose some problems for contact lens patients. Hospitals, offices, or a lot of computer/screen time are factors to consider.
  • Motivation/Goals: Aside from the touch factor, we usually can fit MOST patients, regardless of age, with contacts; it may just be part-time wear for some. We have fit kids specifically for sports, adults for golfing, and even patients that only want to wear contacts for their wedding photos. If you want to wear them bad enough, we can usually find a way!

The above four issues will help you answer the question, “can I wear contacts?”. If you have more questions about contact lenses, please let us know!

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