Before I start, I know you have already purchased Visine or Clear Eyes, right? Well, these eye drops are NOT going to help you. They have ingredients that will make your eyes more red with prolonged use. They also do not address your dryness properly. There are two main kinda of dryness: aqueous deficient dry eye (you do not produce the correct amount of tears) and evaporative dry eye (your tear film is breaking down too quickly allowing the moisture to evaporate too quickly). 86% of dryness is evaporative. So, when you think about how little we blink when we stare at screens, this makes complete sense. Oddly enough, 90% of eye drops treat aqueous dry eye. So what drops treat the actual problem? Systane Complete, Systane Balance, and Refresh Mega 3 are brands that treat the evaporative dry eye that is affecting you. If your main concern is redness, Lumify works wonders for eliminating redness. If you feel the need to get drops, you should get into your eye doctor and get a dry eye evaluation. There you can find out your specific type of dryness and develop a customized treatment plan to stop the dry eye disease in its tracks! With that being said, we want to thank you for an amazing 2022! Going forward in 2023, make sure to look for the “Ask Dr. Lillie” questions and answers on our social media pages and YouTube channel. Never hesitate to reach out if you have a question or concern!