This is a great question! Our eyes are under more stress than ever with increased screen time and near work. The result? Your eyes are dry, red, and irritated. Add in the warm air we are breathing into our eyes due to the increased mask wear and we have a perfect storm for the most stressful time many of our eyes have ever felt!

Here is a 3 Step Method you can add to your nightly routine to keep your eyes healthy and happy:

  1. WASH – Over the course of a day debris, oil, and sweat accumulate on your lid margins. This can cause the glands in your lids to become plugged, inflamed and infected (styes). Cleaning your lids with a surfactant based cleaner (NovaWipes/Ocusoft Lid Cleaning Foam or wipes) or even using baby shampoo on the lid margins (not in the eye itself) helps keep your lids healthy and your tear quality ideal.
  2. SPRAY – After cleaning your eyelids, you want to use hypochlorous acid (Ocusoft HypoChlor Solution or Avenova Hypochlorous Lid & Lash Solution) to disinfect the area. Make sure to use a formulation that is specifically designed for the eyelid and lashes. Spray the solution on a cotton makeup removal pad and wipe horizontally to kill any bacteria and reduce inflammation of your eyelids.
  3. WARM – After cleaning and disinfecting, you want to warm your lids. The oil from your eyelid margins is the part of your tear layer that keeps tears on your eyes and stops them from watering. Increased near work and lack of blinking can cause these glands to be plugged and the oil to be thick like toothpaste. A warm compress using a Bruder Mask or sock filled with warm rice (you need sustained heat, so washcloths will not do) will keep the oil in the glands liquid and effective.

Do these 3 steps for healthier, happier eyes! It’s perfect for eyes that are dry, red, and irritated.