This is a great question and if you have ever gone to a pharmacy looking for eye drops, you quickly realize there are more options than movies on Netflix. Interestingly enough, there are about as many good eye drops as there are actual “GOOD” movies as well!

Before I answer your question though, let’s talk about dry eyes. It may seem counter-intuitive that watery eyes typically mean that you are suffering from dryness but it’s true! Your eyes tend to water excessively when your tears are not staying on your eyes adequately. This is called an unstable tear film. 90% of dry eye is lipid or oil based but 90% of drops are designed to treat aqueous based dryness. So, you need a screwdriver and all they are selling is hammers! There are 3 drops I really like that treat the actual cause of the problem: Systane Complete, Systane Balance, and Refresh Omega 3. These are the solution to the majority of the dry eye out there. Use it consistently 2-4 times a day and see if that helps!

Lastly, I NEVER recommend Visine or anything that says “get the red out”. The majority of these actually can cause more redness and make your dry eyes worse. If the over the counter solutions do not help, call the office or click here and we can discuss special contact lenses to treat dry eye or prescription drops.