Yes. Believe it or not, this is a real condition. When I list the symptoms, you will most likely have 1 or more of them.

Computer vision syndrom symptoms

It is no surprise that this results from excess computer (screen) usage. The symptoms include: eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, trouble changing focus from near to far, dry eyes, and neck/shoulder pain.

Causes and solutions

Eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, trouble focusing: The main reasons for these symptoms are uncorrected vision (get an eye exam) or the wrong type of prescription for the activities (distance) you are working on. Even if you have glasses, you may need a set of computer glasses to ease the strain on your eyes. It is also important to make sure you are eliminating glare on screens and have proper lighting in your work environment.

Dry Eyes: This may be less obvious, but when we work on screens, we tend to stare and blink less. In addition, when we do blink, we half-blink and are getting an inadequate amount of tears on our eyes. Taking appropriate amounts of breaks, reminding yourself to blink, and utilizing artificial tears is key to nipping this in the bud.

Neck/Shoulder Pain: This is most likely from improper ergonomics and poor posture. Making sure to sit upright, avoid hunching over your desk, and considering a standing desk is key. In addition, positioning your monitor at the right height is key. Make sure to consult your eye doctor if you wear progressive lenses as they will will guide you on how to set up your workspace to maximize your vision.