1. I will follow the 20-20-20 rule and eliminate eye strain! (every 20 minutes of near work, I will take 20 seconds and look 20 feet away)

2. I will not wear reading glasses on the end of my nose (I am NOT that old!) and I will explore a no-line bifocal or bifocal contact lenses!

3. I will protect my eyes from UV/cataracts/macular degeneration by wearing sunglasses, blue light filtering lenses, and supplementing MacuHealth (lutein/ zeaxanthin).

4. I will not have dry, watery, red eyes and will get a prescription for Restasis/Xiidra, a Bruder mask for warm compresses, and use Lumify eye whitening drops!

5. I will not let my premiums go to waste. I will get an eye exam with my vision insurance in 2020!

20/20 is destined to be the year of healthy, happy eyes and we look forward to helping you achieve all your goals along the way!!!