This is a great question. I get asked this in one form or another every spring/summer as allergy season shifts into full gear. Whether you wear contacts or not, here is a list of things you can do to help alleviate symptoms of allergies:

When you are outside, pollen and other allergens get on your face and in your hair. They also can get stuck on or under your contact lenses. As a result, make a habit of washing your face and lids and lashes before going to bed. Also, make sure to wash your hair and pillowcase to avoid re-exposure overnight.

In regards to contact lenses, if you are wearing a two week or monthly replacement lens, I recommend using a peroxide based contact lens solution such as ClearCare. This will give your lenses a deep clean and hopefully remove the allergens. You should also consider a daily replacement lens going forward, or just to be worn during allergy season. This will allow you to have a fresh, clean lens daily.

Lastly, reducing contact lens wear time and wearing your glasses can help with allergies. Over the counter allergy eye drops such as Pataday or Alaway in addition to cold compresses also have been shown to reduce symptoms.

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