I want to have UV protection, but I always misplace my sunglasses/ do not have prescription sunglasses/ do not like wearing sunglasses. Are there any other options?

Yes, you have multiple UV protection options for your eyes!

  1. Transition Contact Lenses – If you want UV protection, but do not like wearing frames, there is a new option for you. The Oasys brand contact lenses inherently block UV by themselves, but now they have developed contact lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight (UV) while they are on your eyes. You not only get UV protection; you also reduce the brightness of the sun! 
  2. Crizal Non-Glare Lenses – The Crizal non-glare lenses are well known for reducing glare and maximizing the clarity of a spectacle lens. In addition, this coating also blocks UV and protects your eyes from the dangerous affects of UV exposure. This is a great option for someone who does not like vision through a tinted lens. 
  3. Transition Lenses – Transition lenses have been around for what seems like forever. However, the newest versions of these lenses get darker than before and can switch from light to dark quicker than ever. These lenses are great for patients with high prescriptions that cannot wear traditional sunglass lenses and people who hate switching frames. 

If you have any questions or comments about UV protection options for your eyes, please send an email to drlillie@familyvisionoptical.com.