As winter starts to set in, red, watery eyes are a common complaint I hear from my patients. There are a variety of causes I will address. First, “pink eye” of a viral nature is probably the most severe and can be contagious. This may require a prescription eye drop so, definitely reach out for an appointment. The other causes are less severe and not contagious. These range from environmental causes such as cold windy weather, dry houses, work environments, or heaters blasting your eyes! At home therapy may help resolve your issues. This would consist of artificial tears (Systane Complete or Systane Balance are my favorites) 2-4 times per day. Extensive computer use also can be a factor. When we are on a screen, our blink rate is cut in half and we only half blink when we do. This causes the lids, which produces the portion of your tears that stop watery eyes, to be plugged and cause your symptoms. Using artificial tears and incorporating warm compresses and lids scrubs of your lids at night time can relieve inflammation of your eye lids and give you better tear quality. Lastly, in regards to the redness, the therapies above will help, but if you need redness relief ASAP, do NOT use VISINE. Instead, use LUMIFY. It is incredibly effective and can be used daily without the negative side effects of VISINE. When in doubt with red, watery eyes, call the office or click here and we are happy to help out!