I tell all my patients that like grey hair and wrinkles, we ALL get cataracts and need bifocals to read as we get older. The time-tested fix to this has been multifocal glasses. This is great for our glasses-wearing patients but, our contact lens patients LOVE their contacts and do not always want glasses.

Can I weare contacts if I need bifocals?

The amazing news is we have state-of-the-art contacts that allow you to see up close AND far away. There are no lines or tipping of your head. Just put in the lenses as you have always done, and you can see far away and up close. We have all kinds of options and lens modalities (daily to monthly lens options).

I want you to know that when you start to struggle with fine print, do NOT think all is lost. Schedule an exam and we can do a trial of the different options and customize a solution for you and your visual needs! If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to drlillie@familyvisionoptical.com.