Can I Wear My Contact Lenses While Swimming?

As you’re thinking about wearing contact lenses while swimming, consider this. In the summer, aside from the allergy concerns with contact lenses, the next big risk is exposure to water. Did you know that contact lenses are not supposed to be worn when swimming, showering, or when in a pool or hot tub? During the day a contact lens shrinks and this causes micro-breaks in the cornea opening the eye up to infection. Additionally, contacts are like sponges soaking up allergens, bacteria, and parasites from these environments. 

To limit your risk, if you do wear contact lenses in these environments, never sleep in them (not even a nap), use a peroxide-based cleaning solution, and consider daily disposable contact lenses. Daily lenses are by far the most hygienic form of lenses one can wear.

If you think you have an infection, get seen sooner vs. later. Time is the most important factor in maintaining eye health. 

If you have questions or comments about wearing contact lenses while swimming, please send an email to drlillie@familyvisionoptical.com.