Q: At what age should my child start getting eye exams?

A: This is a popular question I get from parents, especially as the school year begins and as a parent, I feel it is one of the most important questions I can answer. The truth is we do exams as early as 6 months old and recommend an exam with an eye doctor by 3 years old. I then recommend yearly exams once they start school.

As a parent and optometrist, I think it is important to realize:

  • 80% of learning is visual
  • School screenings are NOT comprehensive eye exams. They do not test for lazy eye, focusing ability, depth perception, or overall eye health.
  • After the age of 7, visual and eye development is finished and more difficult to correct (The critical period).
  • Symptoms to watch for: Cannot pay attention in class, poor handwriting, head tilt, excessive blinking, difficulty reading/loses their place when reading, and headaches.

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