My Contact Lenses are Irritating My Eyes!

Your contact lenses are supposed to last 2 weeks or a month, but after a few days, they start to become uncomfortable. At times, they are even unwearable! Let me give you 3 reasons this is happening and what you can do to keep your contacts comfortable and your vision optimal!

You Are in the Wrong Lens Type

The first thing to remember is that not all contact lenses are created equal. There are different modalities, materials, and overall quality of lenses. Make sure you communicate your issues with your eye doctor so you can get the lens that is best for your eyes. Do not settle for good enough, get lenses that are symbiotic with your natural eye chemistry! Daily lenses are the best, but there are numerous options to try.

Underlying Dryness is Worse with Contact Lenses On

Next, you have dry eyes or an unstable tear film and contact lenses are making that worse! If your tears are unstable and evaporating too quickly, a giant piece of plastic (i.e. a contact lens) is going to make that worse. There are specific solutions to help clean your lenses, but addressing the underlying dry eye is key. Simple things such as lid hygiene, warm compresses, and Systane Complete artificial tears can work wonders for contact lens comfort.

You need to blink

Lastly, you are spending too much time on screens or near tasks. We put a lot of emphasis on screens, but any focused near activity such as reading, writing, or crocheting can reduce blink rate which causes your eyes to dry out and contact lenses are uncomfortable. Making sure you are blinking and taking breaks will help, but if you are in an office setting and on a computer, we recommend using Systane Complete Preservative Free as much as possible. It is fine to use them with your contact lenses on.

Do not settle for ok

At the end of the day, we love our contacts! These are 3 easily managed things that can make your lenses and eyes that much more comfortable. If you are having issues or want to try the latest technologies in contact lenses or treating your dry eyes, give the office a call at (616) 219-8153 or click here to schedule an appointment. We would love to help you out!